Ambulatory Surgical Centers

CMSI provides pre-construction planning, site evaluation, and construction management of ambulatory surgical centers (ASC). We work with the design team early in the process to review the feasibility, the constructibility, and the schedule. With our experience of building over 50 ASCs, we offer input that expedites the construction process. From the equipment requirements to the activation challenges, our team has in-depth knowledge of the construction and clinical needs of ASCs. This enables us to avoid costly delays and to deliver the project as efficiently as possible.

MedStar Surgery Center at Brandywine
Client: Joint venture with MedStar Health and SurgCenter Development
Location: Brandywine, Maryland
Size: 7,160 sf
Date: 2018

MedStar Surgery Center at Timonium
Client: MedStar
Location: Timonium, Maryland
Size: 7,500 sf
Date: 2017

SurgCenter at Point of Rocks Ambulatory Surgical Center
Client: SurgCenter Development
Location: Point of Rocks, Maryland
Size: 8,000 sf
Date: 2015

SurgCenter at Towson
Client: SurgCenter Development
Location: Towson, Maryland
Size: 8,000 sf
Date: 2018

Other Projects

SurgCenter at Hunt Valley
Client: SurgCenter Development
Location: Hunt Valley, Maryland
Size: 6,624 sf
Date: 2019