MedStar Surgery Center at Timonium

Client: MedStar
Location: Timonium, MD
Size: 7,500 sf
Year completed: 2017

Background: Largest Healthcare Provider in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

MedStar is the largest healthcare provider in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., region. With headquarters in Columbia, MD, this non-profit, community-based health system operates more than 120 entities, including 10 hospitals in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.

CMSI has successfully completed multiple projects in MedStar buildings, including surgery centers in Timonium and Brandywine, and radiation oncology renovations at Good Samaritan. Based on their experiences with CMSI, MedStar trusts our expertise to plan and execute challenging turnkey projects in occupied clinical environments, especially when budget and timeline are critical.

Objectives: Construction of Orthopedic Surgery Center with 2 OR’s

MedStar sought to construct a self-supporting orthopedic surgery center on the 3rd floor of their building in Timonium. Taking advantage of the recent law change in Maryland that allows for two operating rooms, MedStar contracted us to construct this surgery center with two operating rooms and a procedure room.

Approach: Expedited Coordination for Fire Barrier Design and Construction

This design-build project required the installation of a one-hour fire barrier for the floor underneath the surgery center. Since the fire barrier had to be installed from below, our team coordinated closely with the contractors who were nearing completion of the 2nd floor construction. To avoid the costly six-figure scenario of having to replace their newly installed bulkheads and ceilings, we expedited our design and construction process to find a solution, without causing any delays.

The two floors below the surgery center opened in August 2017 with a full patient schedule, while we were still constructing the 3rd floor. With our expertise of working in occupied clinical areas, we successfully coordinated our elevator use and installation of the 12,000-pound rooftop air handler unit to minimize disruptions to the patients and medical staff.

Results: Self-Supporting Surgery Center

Now MedStar has a self-supporting surgery center with its own equipment and systems, independent from the rest of the building.

  • HVAC: This surgery center has a special HVAC system to regulate positive and negative air pressure, protecting against airborne contaminants in the operating rooms, clean work room, and soil work room.
  • Plumbing: We installed a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer in case a sterilizer fails. This prevents any contaminated water from flowing back into the public water system.
  • Structural: To support the larger, heavier sterilizer, we coordinated with the 2nd floor contractors to install large beams under the floor.
  • Electrical: The ORs have their own isolation panels for patient safety. We also installed a backup emergency generator.
  • Flooring: The floors in the ORs have welded seams and an integral cove base. This prevents debris or water from settling in places that could grow mold, thereby minimizing the risk of germs and infections in the sterile environment.
  • Fire barrier: To meet the healthcare code, we established a one-hour fire barrier around the perimeter of the surgery center.

CMSI is honored to build surgery centers throughout the mid-Atlantic. With its close proximity to our office, this MedStar surgery center project in Timonium was particularly rewarding because our services are helping patients in our own local community.