Diagnostic Imaging

CMSI has implemented over 500 diagnostic imaging upgrades, including MRI, CT, and PET/CT facilities. When it comes time to upgrade or replace your equipment, we can help you predict and plan the construction that will be required. We can advise on how long it would take to install various kinds of equipment. For example, we know what it takes to replace an MRI, and we can plan the sequence of work based on the specific make and model that you select. Our goal is to minimize downtime for your operation—and that happens through efficient construction sequence and planning.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Division of MRI
Client: JHH Outpatient Center
JHH School of Medicine
JHH MRI Basement
Blalock Building
Size: 1100 sf, 7400 sf
Dates: 2004–2006

WellSpan York Hospital MRI Expansion
Client: WellSpan York Hospital
York, PA
Size: 6,500 sf
Dates: Fall 2018–March 2020