SurgCenter at Towson

Client: SurgCenter Development
Location: Towson, Maryland
Size: 8,000 sf
Date: 2018

Background: Over 50 ASC’s Since 2005

SurgCenter Development was looking for a reliable design-assist company to partner with as they rapidly developed their business. As their preferred partner, CMSI has successfully completed over 50 ambulatory surgical centers for SurgCenter Development throughout the mid-Atlantic since 2005.

Objectives: From Furniture Gallery to Surgery Center

SurgCenter Development sought to convert a La-Z-Boy furniture gallery into a surgery center affiliated with Mercy Medical Center. Relying on our long-term partnership, they contracted us to provide design-assist and construction management services for this 50-year-old building on busy Joppa Road.

Approach: Construction Even Without Water

This project first required a complete demolition of the entire space. The electrical and mechanical systems needed to be updated and brought up to code. The fireplace facades and staged living rooms had to make way for operating rooms and medical equipment.

This conversion process required new infrastructure and utility support, such as:

  • HVAC: To maintain the necessary airflow for a surgery center, we installed a new air handler and two exhaust fans on the roof.
  • Steel reinforcements: The existing wood trusses and joists were insufficient for a modern medical facility. We installed an immense amount of wood blocking and steel to support the heavy OR lights and the rooftop air handler, which weighs over 5,000 pounds.
  • Generator: All surgery centers require a backup power source for patient safety, so we installed a generator behind the building with a new underground duct bank.
  • Fire barrier: To meet code, we installed a fire-rated lid and walls, separating the center from the rest of the building.
  • Water: The surgery center needed more water than the furniture gallery, so we had to tie into the water main underneath Joppa Road.

One of the biggest challenges was not having water for the majority of the job. Getting the needed permit from the city and county for the water supply caused delays. Meanwhile, we were using a temporary water service in the PACU. Despite these challenges, we were still able to find creative solutions and complete the project on time.

Results: New Surgery Center in Towson

Now this surgery center is fully equipped to serve its patients and staff with:

  • A public reception area
  • A patient waiting room
  • Manager offices
  • 10 PACU bays
  • A centrally-located nurse’s station
  • Two procedure rooms (one can easily be converted to an OR)
  • Operating room
  • Recovery rooms
  • Soil and clean work rooms
  • Storage and utility rooms
  • Staff restrooms and locker rooms
  • New parking lot, landscaping, exterior lighting, and building facade

SurgCenter Development now provides a conveniently-located, modern surgery center experience for the Towson community.


“You really made it easy to work through our project. Your entire team was amazing, accommodating, and very patient with all of us. In our excitement, we loved coming to see the changes each day, and everyone on the CMSI team was completely kind and welcomed us to see the progress. I personally appreciated your willingness to include me in the project planning and process along the way. You listened to my ideas and heard my concerns, and amended accordingly. I’m happy to tell any potential customers that you are awesome.”

Karen F. Albright, RN, BSN
Nurse Administrator
Riva Road Surgical Center, LLC
Annapolis, Maryland